Recently, we opened the first Fortnite online camps in Spain. For that camp, the first two boys to enlist were the brave brothers, Izan and Kenai. It seemed almost incredible to them that there was a camp for their favorite game: Fortnite. Moreover, his mother found it interesting that there was a camp with a program that not only included games but also life values.

During the camp, Izan and Kenai honed their skills in the game, such as marksmanship and construction, and enjoyed a safe and fun environment, and also met other children with the same passion.

Something that caught the attention of their mother, Cinthia Fernández, was how her children developed in a short time various skills applicable to other aspects of life. For example, the development of emotional intelligence.

Cinthia shared some of her experience with us: “My children were delighted with the Fornite camp. Game Educator Alejandro won their harts from minute one. Teaching values ​​in a game is difficult, but not impossible, and at School of Gaming, they succeeded. Without thinking twice I recommend this camp to other mothers. My children learned to enjoy games, while I knew they were being supervised by a Game Educator “

Win or lose, you always learn something new

Sometimes our children get a little upset when losing in a game, expressing their frustration in the wrong way. During camp sessions, our Game Educators teach kids that defeat is just another experience to learn from. This was something that Alejandro Soto (https://www.twitch.tv/alejandroesee), our Game Educator for Spain, worked a lot on.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. That is my motto since each and every defeat is a way to learn from yourself. In other words, see what you can do better, what you did wrong to avoid doing it, and build your game based on this learning ”Alejandro tells us. “I enjoyed working with Izan and Kenai, and from day one we started working on how to cope with defeat. With the educational plan of the camp, we instill in the children good values ​​while we play. We laughed a lot and even exercised together. “

Resilience to defeat is reinforced with self-esteem exercises. At our camp, we talk about the strengths of each of the participants and promote positive communication among the other children. For example, by losing in a game, children recognize what they did well and why they lost, all under the supervision of the game educator. Children learn to recognize where they are strong, many things that sometimes go unrecognized outside of play. Losing is not bad, but we guide children to know how to cope with that defeat in a positive way.

Izan and Kenai were eager to continue learning more and will continue to participate in the Fortnite Afternoon Clubs that start this September.

At School of Gaming, we provide a safe and bullying free environment where children can make new friends, enjoy their favorite game, and learn values ​​and skills applicable to any aspect of life.