Not everyone is able to attend traditional summer camps. Whether it is difficult to access or canceled due to the corona situation. Especially this year many events and activities have shifted to remote activities. This invariably includes camps as well. Virtual camps can bring similar experiences just like traditional camps in a slightly different package! Our team in School of Gaming has tailored our camps to offer the best possible experiences regarding the virtual environment. We have listed a few similarities that you can also experience in Minecraft compared to traditional camps.

One of the main riches of summer camps are the people. Having a shared experience strengthens relationships with new friends and virtual camps are no exception. After all, the campers get to share their gaming hobby with other like-minded people and spend time together. One of our game educators’ main tasks is to make sure everyone is having fun. Our guided camps aim to ensure that no one is left outside.

Alongside working together, learning is also a key. The camps offer a lot of activities that support the learning of new things. Our Minecraft camps offer these same things in a different format. Camp sessions are usually started from scratch, without items or other survival factors in a large world. Along the way, campers learn to survive, make items, and build houses that provide protection from dark nights together with our game educators.

Why is Minecraft so innovative?

Minecraft is a world, a bit like a box full of legos that can be used to build anything, so campers get to express themselves. The best thing about the experience is exploring together. Construction requires materials, time and labor, so building together is a rewarding experience.

Minecraft offers a great sandbox for adventures that are not limited to traditional camping destinations. In the world of Minecraft you will find deserts, caves, dense forests, jungles, but also underwater fortresses or the lava-filled Nether, a place located underneath the earth’s crust. Minecraft is a utopia full of surprises and the great thing is that you can never know what you can find. However, before the adventure, it is important to equip and prepare for the trip. You naturally need food, a boat, in case you need to cross lakes or rivers, the right kind of clothing and tools. You can also take a fishing rod if you enjoy fishing, a bow for hunting or a map for a better understanding of your surroundings.

Minecraft may be different from a traditional camp, but it is also, above all, an enriching experience. It is a time spent with friends, a shared experience and a safe environment to try everything that only the imagination can do.