Join our online community where Fortnite enthusiasts get to play and practice with new friends under the guidance of an experienced esports coach!  Our Fortnite Clubs are aimed at children aged 9-13 years who already have a basic skill level in the game. In the club you will learn more about building techniques, edit mechanics and aiming. You will also get to develop your teamwork and communication skills. Our Fortnite Club provides a fun and safe environment where you can build your skills to the next level.

Fortnite ryhmät

Fortnite Club for children age 9-13 years.

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PC or video game console (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Age Limit

Participants have to be 9 or older

Age Recommendation





First months payment during registration. After that your credit card will be charged every 30 days. Payments start running after first session.

Tuomas Tarkki

Operatiivinen johtaja
p.  040 539 1939

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