CS: GO remote coaching teams are aimed at advanced players who have already accumulated a good level of skill in the game. In this group, the activities are goal-oriented and the coaching delves into the game’s strategy, tactics, and game technical details. During the coaching, e.g. map knowledge, use of grenades, and aiming. The goal is to build a good team spirit, where playing together develops everyone’s personal skills as well as the team’s ability to strike, not forgetting to have fun.

Healthy lifestyles are an important part of the life of a young person who is purposefully playing. Coaching deals with the effect of eating, good sleep, and exercise on your performance. We also go through issues related to maintaining mental well-being and the ability to strike.


Minimum age: 13 years


Skill level requirement (any of these):

  • Game hours: 1000+
  • Faceit rank: 5+
  • Matchmaking rank: Master Guardian 1 and up


The participant must have a computer with the necessary peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headphones, and microphone) and, of course, a good network connection.

Advanced CS:GO

CS: GO remote coaching teams for advanced players.

Duration: Continuous, monthly billing (starts when the group is full)

Minimum age: 13 years

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Age limit

13 years

Age Recommendation

13+ years


Continuous (starts when group is full)


Ensimmäinen maksu ilmoittautuessa, ja seuraava kuukauden päästä ryhmän aloituksesta. Mikäli ensimmäisen valmennuskerran jälkeen lapsi ei halua jatkaa ryhmässä, palautamme ilmoittautuessa maksetun maksun kokonaisuudessaan.

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